What is IPs ?

The Intrusion Prevention System can be defined as a tool that is deployed in at the interface between the public network(interwork) and the private network with the intention to prevent the intrusion of malicious network packets. As the name states, the purpose of the existence of this tool is to ensure that the packets with malicious signature should not be allowed to enter the private network as they can lead to harm the internet if entertained.

The intrusion prevention system is not limited to scanning the network packets at entry-level only but also to encounter the malicious activity happening in the private network.

Based on the functionality of the IPS, they are divided into various types that are mentioned below:
  1. Host-based intrusion prevention system
  2. Wireless intrusion prevention system
  3. Network-based intrusion prevention system
  4. Network behavior analysis

Here is a list of the some good IPS tools:
  1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager
  2. Datadog Real-time Threat Monitoring
  3. Splunk
  4. Sagan
  5. OSSEC
  6. Open WIPS-NG
  7. Fail2Ban
  8. Zeek