During the penetration testing job we use lots of tools to make things easier. What if we have a browser have some extra functionality for us ? Yes we know that Firefox is a very good option and it is open-source too, Firefox already have lot's of plugins for doing some awesome things. But in this article we are talking about OWASP Mantra.


OWASP Mantra is specially made for cybersecurity experts or pentesters. This browser is a must have for every security experts. Today we are going to install OWASP Mantra in Kali Linux 2020 versions.

The main features of OWASP Mantra is following:​

  • Switching User Agents.
  • Edit and Replay Requests.
  • Editing Cookies.
  • Editing Local Storage.
  • Disable CSS.
  • Disable JavaScript.
  • View Headers.
  • Native screen-shot capture.
  • Offline mode.
  • Encode and Decode.
That means OWASP Mantra can Sniff and intercept HTTP requests, Debug client-side code, View and modify cookies also we can Gather information about sites and web applications. That makes it too handy for a web security expert.

Now to clear the things OWASP Mantra is not a different browser. It is a modified version of Firefox browser.

First we need to install xterm in our Kali Linux system. Xterm previously comes pre-installed in Kali Linux. To install it we use following command:
sudo apt-get install xterm

Then to install mantra on our Kali Linux we just need to type following command in our terminal:
sudo apt-get install owasp-mantra-ff -y

Now we can run this browser from our terminal window by using following command:
sudo owasp-mantra-ff

It will come in front of us as we can see in the following screenshot:

oswap mantra.jpg

We can see some tools that we need for our cyber security jobs in the above screenshot. So, we learnt how we can install OWASP Mantra in our Kali Linux.
We can get the cybersecurity tools in the left panel. All the tools are available in the Main Menu (OWSAP logo) > Tools.

toos in mantra.jpg

There are lots of essential type of tools like
  • Information Gathering.
  • Editors.
  • Network Utilities.
  • Mise.
  • Application Auditing.
  • Proxy
These tools will help us from the browser. We don't need to run other programs in Kali Linux for easy tasks. For more detailed information we can visit this site (This tutorial is for older version of mantra).

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