How To Play Games in Termux :
Termux is a great tool that we use for cybersecurity and Ethical hacking but only a few of us know that we can play small games in termux. These games are command-line based games and it will run on termux itself. You can install this game in a similar way we install a package in termux.


In this post, I am going to include every working game possible for termux. If you want you can install all of them or you can just install your favorite and one.

Important: To play these games you have to enable Left and Right Arrow key at your touch keyboard of termux, Enable Left and Right Arrow key using this post.[Enable Extra Keys in Termux with just a single command]

1)How To Play Tetris in Termux:
Tetris is a Tile matching puzzle game and Almost everyone knows how to play this game, You can install this game by Using the below command.
Size of The game is only 471 KB.
pkg install bastet
RUN: Type bastet to run the tetris game.


2)How To Play PacMan in Termux:
PacMan is a Maze Arcade games and To Install this game in termux we will use below command, i don't think the game is Playable for everyone but If you are a pro gamer then you can easily play this game.
Size of The game is only 152 KB.
pkg install pacman4console
RUN: Type pacman to run the game.


3)How To Play Moon-Buggy in Termux:
Moon-Buggy is a Stable game in termux.To play this game You only have to use space-bar of your keyboard. The most unique feature of the game is that you can See the World Wide Score of the top Player and You can also add Your name if you score better.
Size of The game is only 131KB.
pkg install moon-buggy
RUN: Type moon-buggy to run the game.


4)How To Play nInvaders in Termux:
NINVADERS is A terminal version of Space-Invaders where you can shoot bullets with space-bar and move in the X-axis. THIS GAME IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY but You can try if you want.
Size of The game is only 90KB.
pkg install ninvaders
RUN: Type nInvaders to run the game.


5)How To Play Snake game in Termux:
We all Remember the Snake game in Nokia phones, we can also play the same snake game in termux, This snake game is highly customizable, You can even change the speed and control of the game.
Size of The game is only 90KB.
pkg install nsnake
RUN: Type nsnake to run the game.
If you get Error, Just Zoom out Your screen and it will be solved.


6)How To Play Greed in Termux:
IN Greed You have to Erase as Numbers as possible, @ symbol will be your Location, you cannot overlap on your previous location.You can press P to find out all the possible moves. Press Q and then y to Quit the game.Press ? on your keyboard to Read all the details about the game.
Size of The game is only 70KB.
pkg install greed
RUN: Type greed to run the game.


7)How To 2048 in Termux:
2048 Is a Tile Sliding game where you have to combine number and Make 2048. The command line version of this game is written in C language so in order to play this game in termux we have to install clang, This game is not included in Termux packages wo we have to install it from Git-hub. To save your Time, I combined all commands in one Big command.
Just copy and paste below command to install 2048 in your termux.
Size of The game is only 100MB.
pkg install git -y && pkg install wget -y && pkg install clang -y && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mevdschee/2048.c/master/2048.c && sleep 2 && gcc -o 2048 2048.c
RUN: Type ./2048 to run the game.

Please Make Sure You Enabled Extra keys To play this game If you didn't then Click here.


8)How To Play Nethack in Termux:
NetHack is a single-player dungeon exploration game, This I Complicated but if you are interested you can read about the game here. You can move, fight, eat you can do a lot of stuff There are a lot of videos on Youtube on this game, You can also check a video here.
The size of The game is only 7466KB.
pkg install nethack
RUN: Type nethack to run the game.


9)How To Play Hangman in Termux:
Stickman is a word guessing game where you have to guess the same word that program has chosen from the text file in the same repository the words will be the most common word used in English language and if you didn't guess the right word a new body part of the men will be drawn and you have to guess the right word before the Hangman is drown
Size of The game is only 7466KB.
pkg install git python -y && git clone https://github.com/khansaad1275/HangmanPy.git && cd HangmanPy
RUN: Type python hangman.py to run the game.


To play this game again you have yo first move in HangmanPy folder then you can run the python file hangman.py to run it again.

10)How To Play Sudoku in Termux:
We all have played this at least ones. sudoku is a Logic-based game where we have to put unique numbers in the 9X9 grid and it should not have same number in the same column and row.
The size of the game is : 7KB.
pkg install nudoku && apt install nudoku
RUN: Type nudoku to run the Sudoku game.


Please Enable Left and Right Arrow key using this post to play this game.[Enable Extra Keys in Termux with just a single command]


Sometimes when we are bored with Termux, we can open a new session and play these Games, I have Included almost every popular Termux game in this post, If I have missed any game, you can Put the name in the comment and I will include it. I will update the post if I find any interesting Termux game. Comment If any command is not working, I will be happy to help You.