Is there any Linux user who didn't use the terminal for a single time?

Terminals is very powerful and makes our life easier. The command line is really cool.


Life isn't beautiful without terminal commands. There are some funny commands in Linux terminal. These commands will make us smile and keep away our stress at work.

1. sl

No, it is not ls (list) command. The command is really sl. We use the ls command on a daily basis. Many times we mistype ls to sl. We don't know about you guys but it happens lots of times with us.
sudo apt-get install sl

sl stands for Steam Locomotive. After installing we typed sl. A steam locomotive engine passes through our terminal.


It could be a good punishment for mistyping the ls command.

2. Star Wars in Terminal

Yes, we can watch star wars in our terminal by using a simple command. First we need telnet in our system, if it is installed then fine otherwise we download it by using sudo apt-get install telnet command then we try following command to watch Star Wars in our terminal.
telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl

3. Cmatrix

Love the terminal shows in the matrix movie ? Then cmatrix is the best command to run. First we install cmatrix in our system by applying command:
sudo apt-get install cmatrix

Then we run cmatrix to start the matrix effect on our terminal. Isn't it cool? We can make this more cooler by give it rainbow effect:
cmatrix -r -u 10

We can control the speed of text flying by using -u flag from the value 1 to 10.


4. Morse code in terminal

We can play morse code in our terminal by using the morse command. First we install morse by using following command:
sudo apt-get install morse

Then we run the following command for the morse code of our given texts.
morse ilove kalilinux

Let's look at what happened.

5. Rev

Reverse any text in the terminal window. To do it we just install rev.
sudo apt-get install rev

then run command:

Now whatever we type and press enter it will be reversed.


6. Tom & Jerry

Now this one is our favorite on this list. The program will show a cat on display that chases our mouse cursor. This is real fun and must try.
sudo apt-get install oneko

After installing we just start it by using oneko command. That's all.
Let's have fun by moving the mouse cursor.


In case we love dogs more then cat than we should try following command:
oneko -dog

Let's spice up the dog with colors:
oneko -dog -fg red -bg green


There are a few more types of cats available in oneko. We can get all the information by using oneko –help command.

Note: When we close the terminal where oneko was running, pets will disappear, it will not start at start-up. We need to add the application to start up and continue enjoying it.

7. Cowsay and Xcowsay

Now we bring a cow to our terminal. It will say and think in our terminal. We install these three program by using following command:
sudo apt-get install cowsay xcowsay
cowsay "I love linux"
xcowsay "I'm not a cow, I am a jaguar."


Not only cows, Cowsay can call a dragon in our terminal. Try following:
cowsay -f dragon Hello, can i eat you?


What about a ghost:
cowsay -f ghostbusters You have a massage from Casper.

8. Toilet

Toilet is a command that transforms texts to large ASCII banners. We can install it on our linux system by applying following command:
sudo apt-get install toilet

After installing we can run this by applying:
toilet HTTPS://iTabCode.Net

Let's add more design to this banner.
toilet -f smblock --filter border:metal "HTTPS://iTabCode.Net"

9. Fire on Computer

Want to set fire on the Computer? Well, don't panic we are kidding. It's just a funny command and the output is like fire using characters. We install the package by using command:
sudo apt-get install libaa-bin

Then we run following command to fire up:


10. Fortune

The Fortune program will display quotes, funny predictions, jokes, or even poetry in the terminal. Something like Fortune cookies.

Let's install Fortune by entering the apt-get install command in our terminal:
sudo apt-get install fortune

After installing fortune we simply type fortune in the command line to test luck.


Even we can run fortune with cowsay. To see the cow is telling our fortune.
fortune | cowsay


11. espeak

Using espeak we can convert text to audio. It will read what we have written. We can install it by using following command:
sudo apt-get install espeak

Then we run espeak and enter our text to hear it from our speaker.
espeak "This is a Linux command"

It has a GUI version called gespeaker.

12. You are under watch

Xeyes is always looking for mouse cursor. It is not only for fun, it is also a utility tool when we have a bigger display and small cursor. Xeyes comes with the x11-apps package. To install it we need to run following command:
sudo apt-get install x11-apps

After installing we just need to run xeyes command to activate it.


13. lolcat

Lolcat is a terminal utility which gives a rainbow effect on our terminal texts.
It can be used with other utilities. Lets install it by using following command:
sudo apt-get install lolcat

Now we can run lolcat with tolls like fortune,cowsay etc.
fortune | lolcat
fortune | cowsay | lolcat


14. moo

Woo, who doesn't love ester eggs ? Moo doesn't need to install.
apt-get moo
Haha. It also can be used with aptitude
sudo apt-get install aptitude
Then run it with moo
aptitude moo
aptitude -v moo
aptitude -vv moo
aptitude -vvv moo


We have included only funny commands. Did we miss any more funny commands ? There are some interesting utility and useful commands in Linux. Should we write an article on this ? Show supports in the comment section. Also comment which one is the best in this list.

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