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In our installation of Kali Linux 2020.4 (also in older version) we can see that if we see other language in browser then it is not readable easily.

Kali Linux font fixed thumbnail.jpg

This happens because our Kali Linux doesn't have font of the other languages in our system. In today's tutorial we are going to fix the language and font problem in Kali Linux.

Solving this font and language problem is very easy. We just need to download the fonts of languages and paste them on right location. That's all.

First of all we need to download the language and fonts from the internet. We can copy the fonts from other Operating systems (Ubuntu and even from Windows).

We just uploaded the files as a zip file. It can be downloaded from this Google Drive link.

We have downloaded the file file as we can see in the following screenshot:

kali fonts downloaded.png

Now we unzip this by using right click and choose "Extract Here".

extract here fonts zip.png

After finishing we can see that a folder called "Fonts" in our directory.

fonts folder.png

Now we just need to open the folder called "Fonts", and we got all the files into the directory as we can see in the following screenshot:

all fonts.png

We need to copy and paste these all files into /usr/share/fonts directory. For becoming a non-root user we can't paste these files directly on the directory. We need to open the file manager with root permission.

So we need to close everything, and open a terminal. We need to type following command to open our file manager with root permission:
sudo thunar

After giving our sudo password we can see that our Thunar file manager opens with root permission.

Then we just need to go into the "Fonts" directory and select all and copy everything. We can use keyboard shortcuts CTRL+A and CTRL+C for this.

Then we need to go to the /usr/share/fonts directory, and paste everything here by using CTRL+V (or anyway). That's all.

pasted fonts.png

We are done. Now we can open again Google's homepage and see if it works or not?

fonts fixed.jpg

It worked.
We also can copy these font files from a Windows computer. Those font files will be located on C:/Windows/Fonts directory. We can copy them on a USB drive and paste on Kali Linux as we did above.⬆️

we did it

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