For the past few weeks whenever you try to use the update or any install commands you get Termux 403 Error or Termux Repository under maintenance error. So today in this post i am gonna show you guys how you can solve these issues in few clicks.

Termux Repository Under Maintenance Issue SOLVED (3).png

The repository is under maintenance or down (wrong sources.list URL?) is an error caused by shut down of bintray repos of termux. so to solve this issue we just have to change the repo to a working mirror.

Termux Repository under maintenance error :

Sometimes when you try to use any termux command that requires some data from the server then you get the termux repository is under maintenance error and no matter how many times you restart your termux app it will show the same error. you can also get 403 ( forbidden error ).

How To SOLVE Termux Repository Under Maintenance Error:

To solve this issue you just have to follow the below simple steps.

Step 1:
First of all open your termux app, and then type the below command and press enter. ( you can also copy and paste it from below).

Step 2:
Now you will see a pop-up window, the Main repository will be auto-selected and you just have to select Game Repository and Science repository by tapping between square brackets as shown in the below picture. After selecting All 3 of the repositories just click on the OK button.


Step 3:
Now, this is the last part, You just have to switch from the official reposit to the Mirrors by Griml, to switch, just select the mirrors by clicking between the brackets as shown in the below picture and the Press OK button.


Now. termux will auto-update some stuff and then all the issues will be solved. you can type pkg update command to check it.

Conclusion :
Termux Repository under maintenance is a simple repository issue that you can solve in 3 simple steps, it won't even take more than 30 seconds. in this post I have told you to select grimler because that is the repo I use, but in the future, if you face any issue with grimler you can select other repos ( excluding official one). if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading and as always stay ethical.