We have been asked twice in our twitter account via message that how to enable root user in Kali Linux 2020. Previously (before 2020 versions) root users comes in default but Kali Linux moved to default non-root user in 2020.1 and later version.

This will help a lot to new learners and this is good for security reasons, but there was some advanced users who want to use Kali Linux in very aggressive way. They will surely miss the root user. Only for those people who wants root user by default again we are writing this, how we can login with root in Kali Linux 2020.2. Sometime it happens with us that we forgot to use the sudo command (using Kali from the backtrack days as root😊).


The main thing is root user is already there but it is not enabled. in this tutorial we are going to activate it in a simple way. This is gonna be very simple. After 2020 update root user doesn't comes with a password. We just need to create a password for root user. That's it

First we need to login in Kali Linux with our non-root user. Then we need to open our terminal and type following command:
sudo su

Then we type our non-root user's password and we get root access in our terminal.


But we don't stop here. We need to log in with the root user. Now we need to type following command:
passwd root

Then it will prompt for new password for the root user we can type anything but they will be invisible for security purpose. To confirm the password we need to type our password again.


Now all set. We have done it. Isn't it so simple?

We just need to logout or restart our Kali Linux machine and we can use root in our username filed and the new created password in the password filed.


That is how we can setting up the root account in Kali Linux 2020.

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