In these modern days almost everything we do on internet is tracked. Some organization even National Security Agency (NSA) cataloging all our online steps. So we need to hide our sensitive data. We can hide the sensitive documents using Cloakify.


Sometime we saves malicious scripts in our PC for a penetration testing job but stupid antivirus says we are in danger for that file. In that case we also can use the Cloakify tool to save them.

Cloakify is a steganography tool. We have tutorials on steganography read following tutorials.

StegHide -- Hide Data in an Image
StegCracker -- Steganography Cracker

Read those first to understand what is steganography. So, without talking about steganography let's start on Cloakify. We need to clone this tool from it's Github repository by applying following command in our Kali Linux's terminal window
git clone https://github.com/TryCatchHCF/Cloakify

The Screenshot is following:

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 07-58-23.png

Then we need to go to the directory we have cloned and see the files. We use both command together and type following command :
cd Cloakify && ls

The screenshot is following

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 08-02-00.png

Then we grant permission to cloakifyFactory python script by using chmod +x and the command will be following:
chmod +x cloakifyFactory.py

Then we will run the tool by using following command :
python cloakifyFactory.py

The screenshot is following

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 08-09-42.png

We want to cloakify a file so we press 1 and hit enter and the next screen will as following:

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 08-19-14.png

Here we can see we need to type the file name with it's path we want to cloakify. We have a file in our Desktop called mypersonaldata.txt which we want to cloakify.

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 08-17-44.png

So in our case we put

Then we press enter and the output will as following:

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 20-00-55.png

Now we need to type the cloaked file name, after finishing the process our file will got this name, so we type

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 20-04-19.png

Now cloakify will prompt for type of cipher. Here we choose 3 that is world beaches. The screenshot is following:

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 20-07-50.png

Then it asks for adding noice in cloaked file we simply choose n for no.

Then Cloakify will save our cloaked file in desktop and prompt to check the preview of cloaked file. Here we choose y for yes, and the screenshot is following:

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 20-20-30.png

We can see the cloaked file's data is totally different from our personal data.
We can send this cloaked file to any of our friends no one will get the original secrets if anyone is keeping eyes on us will see that we have send a list of beaches to our friend.

But how my friend decloakify the file ? To decloakify this file our friend must need the cloakify tool and recommend this tutorial to friend. To decloakify a file we need to choose option 2 in the main menu of cloakify tool.

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 20-33-43.png

Then we need to enter the file path we want to decloakify, in our case that is

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 21-51-38.png

Then we need to give a name for decloaked file here is an example but we can choose any file name:

Then cloakify will ask for preview of the cloaked file here we choose n for no. Then it will ask if we added noise in cloaked file, we didn't added noise so we choose n for no. The screenshot is following:

Screenshot from 2019-08-25 21-58-16.png

Now this tool will ask which cipher method we have used, we simply choose 3. Now we successfully decloaked the file in our desktop.