Dirbuster is multi threaded web application scanner written in java. Dirbuster comes pre-installed in Kali Linux. It is designed to scan website's directories or any file name in web application by brute force attack. Dirbuster is very similar to DIRB tool which we covered once. Their have some advantage of dirbuster is multithreaded for this it can do more then one work at a time this makes it faster then DIRB. We can say that Dirbuster is the GUI version of DIRB tool.

To use this Dirbuster tool we will open our terminal window in Kali Linux machine and type following command and the tool's window will open

Following screenshot shows the output of the command:


Now we need to set the target URL with the port a normal we are selecting google.com with the port 80 (like the following picture).


And then as basic we select threads choose whatever you want and ✔️ on the Go Faster (Faster will work with 200 Threads), this will make our scan faster then select Pure Brute Force if you don't have a custom list. In this post we are learning the basics only so, Oh, yes now click on Start the button and the result will be in front of you within some time.