Honeyscore is a python based project. It helps us to figure out a system is real or Honeypot. To know more we need to to understand what is a Honeypot.

In simple words Honeypot is a trap to catch bad guys in internet. It is a system with many vulnerabilities. Bad attackers can be easily attract to this and they got spotted. Also some evil organizations can put a Honeypot to spread virus, malware and ransomware.

Do not worry Shodan have Honeyscore project. This can help to find out that whether an IP address we got is a Honeypot or real control system. To use Shodan Honeyscore we visit https://honeyscore.shodan.io/ . The following screenshot shows the home page of the Honeyscore website.


Enter the IP address we wanna check and click on " Check for Honeypot". 😍DONE.

Following screenshot shows that: