During penetration testing many times we need to register on websites and they send a lots of mails. Even sometime we don't want to share our original e-mail id. Then how we can hide ourself from website's eye?

Well, there are tons of temporary or disposable mail services in market that provides us this feature through their websites but we can't say what's running in their backend and we personally hates those annoying ads !!

Here in this article we will discuss about an open-source command line tool that will provide us a disposable e-mail address. We can use it to bypass e-mail verification of any website.


This tool is called TempoMail. TempoMail is written in go language by Kavish Gour. First we need to install go language in our Kali Linux system. After installing Go Language we open terminal and clone the GitHub repo by using following command:
git clone github.com/kavishgr/tempomail

The screenshot of the command is following:

tempomail clonning.png

Then we need to go inside the temomail directory by using cd command:
cd tempomail

Now we need to build this by using following command:
go build .

If the building process is successful then we got a file called tempomail in our directory. As we can see in the following screenshot:

temomail build.png

Now we need to move this tempomail file to /usr/local/bin where the software installed locally by using following command:
sudo mv tempomail /usr/local/bin/

The output of the command is shows in the following screenshot:

moving tempomail file.png

Now we have installed tempomail successfully. We can check it via running following command from anywhere in terminal:
tempomail -h

Here in the following screenshot we can see that our emails will locally saved on /tmp/1secmails/ by default. We can change it by using -path string.

Now we can set our custom mail by using tempomail. To do this we run tempomail command in our terminal:

Then it will ask us the "Input Name", here we can put anything to get a mail id with thee name(if available on this time) we have putted 'kalilinux'. As we can see in the following screenshot:

tempomail name.png

After this we got a mail id with this name. Shown in the following screenshot:

tempomail kali.png

Now if anyone send mails on this email id we got the mail. Yoo, We got an e-mail. After we got a mail in our inbox it shows like following:

mail recived.png

To open our mailbox we need to open another terminal window and type following command:
ls /tmp/1secmails/

The above command shows a mail in the directory.


Now we can see what's inside the mail using cat (or any text viewer or editor tool). We run the following command to see the mail.

recived mail.png

This is how we can receive an e-mail on our custom temporary mail id running on command line. We found this good at bypass the e-mail verification during penetration testing and avoid spam or unwanted mails on our original mail id.

This is how we can create our custom disposable e-mail address directly from our terminal.
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