Today we are introducing a new tool called as “MINIPENGUIN” through which you can easily hack the current user accounts of KALI Linux OS.

Mimipenguin is a tool which helps you to dump the Kali Linux user account passwords in a clear text manner just like a similar tool for windows called as “MIMIKATZ”.

Mimipenguin is an open source tool which you can easily find on GitHub repository and based on powerful python script and has been tested on various Linux distributions.

As you all knows most of the Linux distribution saves critical information just like Username, Password, Email etc in a Memory and stored in a plain text so Mimipenguin exploits these clear text credentials in such a manner that you can easily see the username and password of Kali Linux in a clear text format.

Installation of Mimipenguin
Installation of Mimipenguin is very easy, you can easily install the tool via GIT Clone.
git clone https://github.com/huntergregal/mimipenguin.git

After complete installation of Mimipenguin, you can directly run the executable file by typing the following command:
cd mimipenguin

With the execution of direct bash file, it will show you the username and password of Kali Linux in a clear text format.

Sometimes it will show a error related to “Dumping Memory Error” then you just run the bash file with sedo command which runs your tool with full administrative permissions.

So the command will be:
sudo ./mimipenguin.sh

If in case, for other Linux distributions, GIT will not work, so in that case, you have to install first GIT on your system by typing these commands.

For Debain/Ubuntu = sudo apt install git
For RHEL/CentOS system = sudo yum install git
For Fedora 22+ = sudo dnf install git

Then you can easily clone the mimipenguin directory in your home folder.

Additionally, it also supports various applications such as “VSFTP, APACHE2 and OPENSSH-SERVER.

To view the list of all supported and tested systems, please refer to this link. You can also follow the author of Mimipenguin on Twitter as @HunterGregal