Do you know about termux?. Let discuss about this sweet app.

When People hear the Word Hacking, They imagine a Lot and think that Hacking is doing Magic with Computers…
<<Hacking Is Not At All Crime, It’s An Art…>>
also people are having the image of hackers seen on film, but in Real life, Hacking Is totally different than you see in movies.


Also most of people make mistake when it comes to the name hackers. In the same way in Real life People divides Hackers into two types.
  • Real Hackers
  • Fake Hackers
Then people think that Real Hackers are those who are hacking Bank Accounts, Websites, shuts down any services, and does some amazing things with Computers and they think that,all Those Real Hackers are Ethical Hackers and they are Anonymous and are bad people also they think Fake Hackers are Noobs, and they know nothing about hacking and they can’t even hack but claims they are Hackers…

Moreover if you are part of people who are having this kind of thought then I suggest you to read what is hacking before to continue.
Else you are allowed to continue this amazing journey.

As well you know what is hacking now You are about to Discover a powerful Linux Environment inside the Android Smartphone and start Hacking from your fingertips.

What is termux

So we can’t continue without know what is termux. Let us see what termux is.

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically, additional packages are available using the package manager.

Also if you’re a Linux User then you can use termux in an ultimate way, but if you aren’t then no problem, you can learn Basic termux Commands and move on.

moreover if you are having more question what termux can do and why to learn it follow this termux wiki

How to get and install termux

Also you will see that to get termux is very easy and free, open your play store on the search bar, search termux, you will get the output select termux then install . Finnaly when the installation is done open your termux.

Here let us see some basics commands of termux

pkg install cmatrix: is to install cmatrix then cmatrix to execute the cmatrix command
pkg install sl: is to install sl then sl to execute the sl command

And then use top to know the background running tasks
apt update: used to update the termux built-in busybox and other .
apt upgrade:
used to upgrade the packages to latest
pkg install coreutils: is to install coreutils

Closing word
Congratulation you made it hope now you are having termux in your smart phone and able to use some basics commands. If you want to know about termux with all hacks technic have a look on how to hack with your smart phone using termux app part II.