One thing we haven’t discussed yet is Tails or something you’ll hear a lot about when talking about the dark web and it’s important to know exactly what Tails is? So you may be wondering what is tails 1 tails is an operating system built on


So you may be wondering what Tails is?

Tails is an operating system built on Linux it uses only Tor to send its Internet traffic, and it has almost all the tools you need for dark web use pre-installed and ready. It has PDP software has electron which is a Bitcoin wallet it has pgp encryption for emails it has Tor has everything you need to be completely anonymous on the dark web and it can be ran from a USB or DVD and can be used on almost any computer.

The computer you know is from 2006 or newer it should be fine on there.

And the whole point of Tails is that it leaves no trace that you ever use that computer, you could plug it into a computer at the NSA offices, and they wouldn’t be able to tell that you use that computer with tails they wouldn’t know exactly what you did on it?

They wouldn’t be able to see where you went? What did you view? Obviously, it doesn’t let you access the computers information so you couldn’t like to go on and take off information.

But it does let you use the internet on that computer anonymously tells us important, if you plan to become a user of the dark web very frequently and it’s a risk to you a lot of countries if governments are not ok with you using Tor.

A lot are speaking out, or something like that tails is important because it keeps your safety and anonymity at the highest possible and to a lot of people that is vital for using the dark web.

Let’s talk about Tor Browser?

Tor Browser protects our privacy and identity on the internet and secures your connection with three layers of encryption and passes it through three voluntarily operated servers around the world. Which enables us to communicate anonymously over the internet.

Tor also protects our data against corporate or government targeted and mass surveillance. Perhaps, you live in a repressive country which tries to control and surveil the internet or perhaps you don’t want big corporations taking advantage of your personal information. Tor makes all of its users to look the same which confuses the observer and makes you an honest so the more people use the Tor network the stronger it gets as it’s easier to hide in a crowd of people who look exactly the same you can bypass the censorship without being worried about the sensor knowing what you do on the internet.

The ads won’t follow you everywhere for months starting when you first collect on a product by using tor the sites you visit won’t even know who you are and from what part of the world you’re visiting them unless you log in and tell them so by downloading and using Tor you can also protect the people who need anonymity like activists journalists and bloggers so download and use tor or run a relay.