The internet is an essential part of our life today, It comes with pros and cons which means nearly everyone faces threats of getting infected with malware or ransomware. Overtime these threats have grown tremendously and created opportunities for black-hat hackers.

Despite having antivirus, firewalls, and other endpoint security technologies which is the first layer of security for our devices still these attacks are at an increased rate.


These are the common ways malware enters your network,

1. Social Engineering

Social engineering is widely used by cybercriminals. Here we can name a wide range of options and strategies that they use. They seek to trick the victim into entering the network.

Phishing attacks are common. They supplant the identity of some organization or user and make the victim take the bait. In this way, they distribute malicious software to steal data and passwords.

2. Unprotected Entrance Doors
In the same way that we mentioned vulnerabilities in software, we can name the entrance doors that are unprotected. Our devices may have settings and features to access them remotely. The problem is that sometimes these front doors are not protected and can be vulnerable.

Hackers take advantage of this circumstance to break into the network. For this reason, we must always keep the equipment updated and minimize the probability of vulnerabilities.

3. Malicious Websites
Of course, malicious sites are also a major gateway for attackers. When browsing we can enter a web page full of malware and infect our devices. This malware could be used to access the network and reach other computers.

It is very important that we always have security tools and not have problems in this regard.

4. Unpatched Software
One of the most common entry methods is to take advantage of programs that we have installed and have unpatched vulnerabilities. This is something that can happen in many cases when using any software or even an operating system.

Attackers rely on those bugs they find without us correcting them properly. A problem that is very present.

5. Common Malware
They also use common malware. They are the common threats that are usually present in the Dark Web forums and that they use to carry out their attacks. Here we can mention spyware, Trojans to sneak back doors, ransomware …

Many of these varieties of malware later allow new malicious tools to enter the network. Thus they would achieve greater control and not only infect one computer, but multiple that are connected.