Hey Guy 🙋‍♂️, Termux is a great app and we can use all kinds of tools in it, but while using some tools we encounter glitches and bugs, and to solve those bugs we clear app data of termux, and with that, we lose all the tools that we have installed in termux. So to solve this issue I am gonna tell you about a termux tool that will help you to backup all your termux data into your system storage and you can restore that data whenever you want with few taps on your screen🔥.

What is TERBR Tool in Temux?
TERBR is a termux backup and restore tool
that allows you to backup all your termux tools on file and you can restore those tools after you reinstall your termux or you delete anything. This tool will save you from the hassle of installing the same tool again and again. also you can access your most favorite termux tool even if you are offline by taking a backup of them.


If you want to make your own tool kit you can easily do that with this tool, just install all the best tools that you use the most and then take a backup of those tools. now no matter where you are, you can restore those tool and use them without spending a lot of data that goes into the installation process.

This TERBR tool is created by MrAlpha786 and you can check out his GitHub project @TERBR-TermuxBackupTool.

How to install TERBR Tool in Termux?

Step 1:
Before installing TERBR tool
we need to update dependencies so the tool does not cause any errors while executing. This command will Update the termux dependencies so we will not get errors while installing or using this tool. Just copy and paste the below command.
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y

update-termux (2).png

Press Y if Termux asks about the version.

Step 2:
Now we need to install some requirements to install and run this tool, we will install wget and curl to fetch the project from the GitHub repository, also we will install pigz and tar which will help us to backup and Restore the termux tools. Just copy and paste the below command in your termux app and all the packages will be installed in no time.
apt-get install wget curl pigz tar -y

apt-get wget curl pigz tar.png

Step 3:
Now we will install the actual tool from the GitHub repository. Just copy and paste this command in termux and the tool will be installed in 10 seconds. also, we do some basic settings so that this tool can work anywhere we want.

wget backup termux.png

How to Take Backup in Termux?
Step 1:
To take backup in termux, Just type the below command and press enter, you will be asked to continue, just type Y and press enter ( keep in mind that when you will press why on your keyboard you won't able to see it on the console, that's one of the glitches of this tool ) .

terbr -b.png

Step 2:
Now you can choose a location by typing 1 and you can use the default location by typing 2, to keep it simple, just type 2 and press enter


after you press enter your backup file will be ready in few seconds.

How to Restore Tools in Termux using TERBR?
Step 1:
To Restore your already backup data, you just need to use the below command,
after you type this command you have to press y on your screen and press enter. ( keep in mind that when you will press why on your keyboard you won't able to see it on the console, that's one of the glitches of this tool ) ..

terbr -r.png

Step 2:
Now you will see a list of backups that you have,
( if you are using this tool for first time, of course you will see just one backup) also you will see numbers after that backup file, jus type that number ( in my case it is one) so i am gonna type one and press enter and my backup will be restored in few seconds.


Important Tip:
If you back up your files and uninstall termux then to restore those files you need to again install this tool then you can use the backup command to backup them easily. also after every Backup or restore you need to Restart your termux else you won't see any text you type on the screen.

Conclusion :
Is a nice tool with a great idea of backing up the files in termux. If you are an intermediate Termux user You will absolutely love the concept of this tool. The tool works nicely when it comes to taking backup or restoring them, there is just one bug that you can solve by restarting your termux after every use. I have also written some tools like Termux-YTD and Termux-Games. If you have any ideas or any doubt about this post then comment down below, thanks for reading and as always stay inspired and Stay Ethical Hacker.