Hey Guys 🙋‍♂️, in this post we are gonna talk about a minimal information gathering tool, in this tool you will learn how you can install ReconDog Tool in the termux app and use it for information gathering and Vulnerability testing. This tool is almost the same as RedHawk Tool, This tool will also help you to learn more about Websites and, their SEO too.

What is ReconDog Tool in Termux?
is a tool, Created in Python language, that allows you to collect information about any website by just using your Termux application. This tool helps you to collect all sorts of information. This tool will be really helpful if you are in Website SEO or you are a hacker who works with the websites more often. This tool is called Reconnaissance Swiss Army Knife for termux because it gives you all the basic tools that you need for reconnaissance.


You can use the WhoisLookup option to find out about the Owner of the website. The ReconDog contains some really useful tools like NS Lookup as well as You can also do port Scan with the help of the Port Scan Option. If you want to scan SQLbased vulnerability you can always install SQLmap in termux. But First to find out if this site is even worth scanning with SQLmap you can use basic scans in ReconDog.

This is a good Termux GitHub repository tool. You can also check out the Github page of this tool Here @ReconDog.

This post is only for educational purposes. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

Install ReconDog Tool in Termux :
To Install the red-hawk tool in termux you can just copy-paste the below command if you are in hurry.

Step1 :

Before installing any tool in termux first we will update all the Pre-installed packages in termux so we won't face any error while using the tool.
apt update && apt upgrade -y

update termux.png

This command will install updates on your termux.

Step2 :
Since this tool is located in a GitHub repository, we need to install the git package in termux and we will also install the python package in Temux because ReconDog is a python-based project.
pkg install git php -y


This command will install Git as well as python in your termux apk.

Step3 :
Now we will clone the actual Project from the GitHub repository. You can use the below command to download the ReconDog tool in termux.


After running this command The tool will be installed in your termux.

Step4 :
The tool is Successfully installed in your termux and now we have to change the working directory to the ReconDog folder. if you don't know about termux basic commands then it's highly suggested that you should read this post : [Termux all Basic Commands].
cd ReconDog

cd recondog.png

Remember that if you restart your phone you have to again change your directory and then you can run the tool again.

Step5 :
The tool is written in the python language and before using this tool we will have to install some python modules, will do that using the requirements.txt file given in the project folder. Just copy and paste the below command the modules will be installed in no time.
pip install -r requirements.txt


This will install the requirements needed to run this python tool in termux.

Use ReconDog Tool in Termux :

Step1 :

To run this tool you just have to run the dog file in termux but Keep in mind that if you restart termux then you first need to change your directory to the ReconDog folder (Just follow step 4) then you can follow these steps.
python dog


Step2 :
Now you will see a list of Reconnaissance That you can perform using this tool, Just select any option you want and you will just need to enter the website or IP address of the target and the ReconDog will do the job for you.


is a fine Information gathering tool for Termux. You can use this tool to collect a lot of useful data and the best part of this tool is that it is very simple and everything works perfectly. But I like RedHawk tool more than any Reconnaissance tool because it gives you more options and it is much practical for beginners. If you like these types of tools then you should read [Install Fsocity tool in Termux]. I have explained everything in this blog but if you think I missed something then you can comment below. Thanks for reading and as always Stay Ethical Hacker.
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