Hey guys 🙋‍♂️, In my old posts I have told you about How you Can Hack someones IP-Address using Termux, And today I am gonna tell you about a simple tool that will help you to find out about someone's Location with their IP Address, this is an information-gathering tool. This is gonna be the easiest tool you have ever used but it's gonna be really help full if you spend you online a lot 🤘.

What is the IP-Drone Tool in Termux?
is an Information gathering tool that allows you to find out someone's location by just using their IP address. This tool is an IP-Lookup tool that will allow you to get most of the information about a specific IP-Address using Termux.

IPdrone Termux - Find Location of Person it IP in Termux (1).png

This Tool can be useful if while phishing you also find out Target's IP address and you wanna know about the victim more than you can just put that IP in this tool and within a second you will find out the location of the victim. IP-Address is one of the most common things that you need to deal with while hacking so you must know how to find out about the location of an IP- Address.

IP-Drone Tool
is created by NoobHacker and you can check out his project on GitHub @NoobHacker/ipdrone. This tool is written in python and mostly working on the Requests Library.

This post is only for educational purpose. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

How to Install IP-Drone Tool in Termux?

Step 1:

Before Installing the tool we will Update and upgrade the termux So that we will not get errors while installation.
apt update && apt upgrade -y


Press N if ask about the version.

Step 2:
We need to Install Git python and python2 in termux
so we can download the tool in termux from Github and run it. if you already have git installed in your termux then you can skip this step if not then just copy and paste the below command and the tool will be installed in no time. Also, we will install lolcat for some color animation in the termux and requests library so that this tool can do the main job of getting the information about the IP from the internet.
pkg install git python python2 -y && pip install lolcat requests

f7618db1d683 (1).png

Step 3:
Now all the dependencies are installed in your termux and now we can install the IPDrone Tool in termux using the command given below. The file size of this tool is so light so, just copy and paste the below command and the tool will be installed in 2 sec.

618db1d683 (1).png

Step 4:
Now Change the directory to IPdrone, If you don't know the basic commands of termux then its highly recommended to check this blog:[termux all basic command]
cd ipdrone

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How to run IPDrone Tool in Termux?

Just use this below command to run the tool but if you restart termux
then you need to first change your directory to the IPdrone folder (just follow step 4 above and then start from here). at the place of IP-Address, You just need to enter the IP-Address of the person you are trying to collect information about.
python ipdrone.py -v IP-Address

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EXAMPLE: python ipdrone.py -v

IPDrone Tool is a Fine tool
for IP-Address information-gathering. This tool will help you get the basic information about an IP-Address that will help you for your future attacks. If you like this post then I am sure you will like [ How to install IP-Tracer in Termux Without Root ]. also there are some other tools like sherlock and credmap to make your day interesting. If you encounter any tool that is good for termux then let me know in the comments, Also if you have written any termux tool let me know, Thanks for reading and as always Stay Ethical Hacker.