Fake Error Message Script In windows​

In windows with the help of Visual basic, we can create a script to print a fake error message when a user clicks on it(E.g: we can write "your system is going down in 5 min")
but we can code alot of code so it can be real fun if you really wana understand what you can do with the help of this script download below script and run on your system(Its 100% safe)


Demo Fake Error Script [DOWNLOAD]

To make the scripts you can follow steps below or you can just download it from the link given below:​

open Notepad and write this code(naah just copy paste it ;)
x=msgbox("This is fake Error", 0+16, "Fake title here")


you can copy paste this line multiple times so when user clicks on OK or close the windows another error message will popup.

Step2: Press Ctrl+S or just Go to files>save and save it as myvirus.vbs (you can give it any name but you have to put .vbs at the end)and click on save button.


Now your virus is ready you can test it on your system if you want(it is just a visual basic script)or you can give it to your friends (of course change the name of the file as please don't click me So they can click.To run it you just have to double click on it.


Download script here:
Fake Error message tamplate:[DOWNLOAD]