Hey guys, Last year I have written a post on how you can hack the front camera 📸 of any person by just sending a Link using Wishfish tool, that tool is still working. Today I found a tool that is similar to wishfish but it is better because it got a never-ending loading screen and we can use It in different social engineering situations. This is gonna be a quick but detailed guide so you can use this tool in every situation possible 🔥.

MadCam - Termux Hack Front camera by Sending link.png

What is MadCam?
MadCam is an image grabber tool that will allow you to capture images from the victim's phone and save them inside your termux. using this tool you can get anyone's face snap by just sending them a phishing link. The tool can help in situations where you want to know someone's identity.

Madcam tool is created by mrmadbhai and you can check out his github profile @github.com/mrmadbhai. the tool we are using is Madcam. this tool is very simple and easy to use, it has 2 port forwarding methods (serveo and Ngrok) but we are mostly gonna use Ngrok.

How MadCam tool works?

  1. Create a Link using Madcam tool.
  2. Send the link generated by the tool to the victim.
  3. When the victim will click on the link you will get pictures from his camera to your phone.
  4. After that, you can directly see the picture or you can move it to your internal storage
NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

How to install MadCam tool in Termux?

Step 1:
Update and upgrade the termux
So that we will not get errors while installing the MadCam tool.
apt update && apt upgrade -y

Press N if ask about the version.

Step 2:
Install dependencies for the MadCam tool.

apt install php wget git -y

install git in termux.png

This will install Php wget and git in termux which will be used while using the MadCam tool. If you already have any of this you can remove the name from the command while installing.

Step 3:
Now all the dependencies are installed in your termux and now we can install the Madcam tool in termux using the command given below. The file size of this tool is so light so, just copy and paste the below command and the tool will be installed in 10 sec.

git clone madcam.png

Step 4:
Now Change the directory to Madcam, If you don't know the basic commands of termux then its highly recommended to check this blog:[termux all basic command]
cd MadCam

change directory to madcam.png

Step 5:
Now we just need to install all the dependencies that we need to run this tool ( in step 2 we already have done it but by doing this step the tool will verify if everything is in the proper place or not). just type the below command and the tool will do everything for you.
bash installmad.sh

bash install mad.png

these all are one-time processes, after this you can use this tool any time you want.

How to Use MadCam in Termux?

Step 1:

After installation, the tool will automatically run but if you restart termux then you need to first change your directory to the MadCam folder (just follow step 4 above and then start from here).
bash madcam.sh

bash madcam.png

Step 2:
If you see EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY? Just type y and press enter.
Now the most important thing !!!!!!Please turn on your hotspot.!!!!!!!.
Now you will see choose the port forwarding option, just type 1 and press enter wait till you see a link on the terminal.

select ngrok.png

If it is your First time using this Tool, It will install NGrok In Termux. This process can take 1 min if you have slow internet. (also if you are not getting the link, please restart your termux and it will solve the issue.)

Step 3:
Now you will get a link
, just send this link to the Victim and wait, when the Victim will click on this link, you will see the Ip Address of the victim then you will get multiple image files in your termux app. Which will be captured from the victim's front camera. You will get more than 1 image if the victim stays on the page for a long time.If you wanna make you NgrokURL Look more like Real site URL (ex. www.Facebook.com) Then Read this Post : [ Termux Maskphish : Mask URL in Termux ]

copy phihsing url.png

Step 4:
Now when you done capturing the images just press ctrl+c button and type ls command and you will see image files.

cam file recieved .png

Step 5:
Now to see the images you just have to type the below command and you will able to see the images in the same termux app. if you wanna know more about how to directly open files in termux then you should read this post [ How to Open any File In Termux ].
termux-open Imagename

open image files in termux.png

e.x: termux-open madcam_05Mar234132412.png

Madcam tool is a good tool
when it comes to Android camera Hacking. You can use these tools to Protect others from spammers and if someone is spamming your family or friends or your client you can use this method to get the picture of the spammer and then you can further use that photo to identify the person. This method is simple and easy to use,I have explained everything in detail about this command but if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. Thanks for reading guys and as always Stay Ethical Hacker.
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