On this website, I have written multiple posts about Termux Phishing Tools. The latest one is ADV Phishing tool. Some of those tools do not work for some people, so in this post, I am gonna give You an Advanced Phishing tool that will help you if your regular phishing tool stops working. It is a decent tool and has all the social media phishing pages included and it works perfectly in termux.

What is Termux Zphisher Phishing Tool?​

Termux ZPhisher is an Advanced Phishing Tool that allows hackers to perform phishing attacks using termux on their Android phones. This tool is almost similar to the Hidden Eye Tool as well as it also has some features of ADV Phishing Tool. This tool has 30 phishing pages including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitch, Spotify, Adobe, WordPress, Yahoo, crypto coin, Xbox and all the other most-used websites.

Termux Zphisher _ Advance Phishing Tool For Termux.png

A good feature of this tool is that it also mask your URL while creating the phishing link so if you are using this tool you don't have to use MaskPhish Tool. This tool uses ngrok so you can easily use this termux phishing tool on your mobile network. Zphisher also has multiple social engineering websites for different social media like you can use a basic Instagram phishing page or you can use get unlimited followers page.

The Zphisher tool is created by htr-tech on GitHub and you can check out their projects @htr-tech/Zphisher.

NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose. I and this site do not support any criminal activity. If you are doing any sort of misuse of this information This site is not responsible for that. THIS SITE ONLY SUPPORT ETHICAL HACKING.

Install Zphisher Tool in Termux:​

To install that zphisher tool in termux you need to install multiple dependency packages as well as you have to upgrade your pre-installed packages. Then you need to clone the actual project from the GitHub repository and it will take almost 7 to 8 steps but I am not gonna waste your time. you can just use the single command give below to install everything in your termux. Just copy the given command and paste it in your termux app and press enter and wait for 2 minutes and the tool will be installed.
cd ; apt update && apt upgrade -y ; apt install git curl wget php -y ; git clone git://github.com/htr-tech/zphisher.git ; cd zphisher


Run ZPhisher Tool in Termux:​

You can Only Read Bold Text in the below steps if you are in a hurry.⏳

Step 1:After the installation is done you can directly use the below command or if you are using this tool second time then you need to change your directory to the zphisher folder. Type the Below command To Run the Zphisher tool.
bash zphisher.sh


Step 2:
Now you will see the main menu of the Zphisher tool. Now You have to Select The Name of Social media like Facebook, Instagram. To select a social media you have to type the number before it and Press Enter. In this post, I am selecting Instagram.
Type 2 to select Instagram.


Step 3:
Now you can select any option you want, it depends upon your social engineering tactics All the options are Really incredible, for simple Instagram hacking, You can select the first option(1) and press Enter.


Step 4:
: 📶 Please Turn On your Hotspot Else Ngrok will not generate any Link and the tool will be automatically closed.


Step 5:
Now here you have to select a port forwarding method if you select one it will create a phishing link that will work only on your Wi-Fi also the third option is not working for some reason but it will be fixed soon for now you just have to select the second option and it will work perfectly.


Step 6:
Here you will see your Link is Generated and you just have to copy the link and send it to the Victim, Keep in mind that you have to copy the full link, see the below picture for the reference.


Step 7:
Now, Wait, when the victim will click on the link he will be prompted the fake Instagram page and when the victim will fill the information and click on the login button You will get the Username and password of the victim at your termux. To Close the Tool you have to Press CTRL + Capital C to Exit.


The Zphisher is a Grate Phishing tool and it gets updated very frequently. This tool have almost thirty websites and it also have different variant for some of the popular websites like Facebook and Instagram. I personally use ADV Phishing toolbecause it is more advanced and on top of that I use MaskPhish Tool to make my URL look like a real Instagram website Link. This Post is for Education purpose please Don't try to do any childish activity because everything is easily trackable. If you have any problem comment down below so I can help you out. Thanks for reading and as always STAY ETHICAL HACKER.