Hey Guys , In this post, I am gonna show you how you can use the T-header tool in termux to add your name to the termux headers like most Youtubers Do in there videos. After using this method you will be able to change your name as well as the theme in your termux apk.

What is T-Header in Termux?
When we search for any tutorial on Youtube, a lot of YouTubers there Termux Header to show their channel name. You can also add your name on the termux header by just using simple commands and the name will be there forever as long as you don't uninstall your termux.

How to add name in Termux Header _ Termux Best Theme.jpg

T-Header is an awesome theme changing script for termux, Created by remo7777 and you can check out his project on GitHub @T-Header. This Script will allow you to add your name in your termux as well as it will change your theme and Font in termux and it will also add awesome features like autocorrect in termux. The cool thing about this script is that it will also change your Shell from boring $ sign to your name.

install T-Header in Termux :
If you are in a hurry then you can just copy-paste the below command and it will be installed in your termux apk.

Step1 :
T-Header is a little bit heavy tool in termux and it will require some dependencies so we will first upgrade the packages using the below command.
apt update && apt upgrade -y

apt update && apt upgrade.png

This command will update and upgrade all the Installed Dependencies in termux.

Step2 :
To fetch this Github tool, we need to install the git package on the termux. and Then we will use Git to clone the T-header project from the Github repo.
pkg install git -y

pkg install git -y.png

Paste this command and wait and the git package will be installed in no time.

Step3 :
Now in this step, we will use Git to Download the T-header from Github. The project size very less so it will be installed in no time. just paste the Below command and press Enter.

Add Text header to your temux.png

The downloading speed totally depends upon your internet speed.

Step4 :
Now the Compressed project is installed in termux and we will change our working directory to the T-Header folder so that we can Execute the bash installer. if you don't know about termux basic commands then it's highly suggested that you should read this post : [Termux all Basic Command].
cd T-Header

cd T-Header.png

You can also use the ls command to check all the files in the T-Header folder.

Step5 :
Now we just have to run the installer bash file and all the required files will be installed in termux. Just run the below command and wait.
bash t-header.sh

bash t-header.png

If it is asking Do you want to continue then Type Y and press Enter.

Add Name in Termux Header :

Step1 :

Now after running the bash t-header.sh the script will install every required code to run the Program and after that, you will see T-Header setup Question, you just have to type Y and press Enter and it will load some extra Plugins that will enhance overall User Experience.

Add your name in termux.png

Step2 :
Now you will see Enter your name option, Just type your name or anything that you want to show on the header and press Enter. Make sure your Text is less than 9 characters.

Add your name in the termux header.png

Step3 :
Now you will already see everything done and still, you see a Question on the screen Just type y and press Enter and it will enable some useful keys in termux.

Add name in termux top.png

Output :
Now you will be able to see your name in the termux headers and you will also get the Extra keys But if you Just wanna Add Extra Keys in termux you can always use my Single command extra keys.


Conclusion :
T-Header is a decent tool
to add some Theme to your Termux console. This cool thing that I personally like about this tool is that it also Enables Extra-Keys in termux and you can edit your Commands easily. If you have any requests or any Idea then you can comment and I will surely write a post on that Topic. Thanks For Reading Guys and as always Stay Ethical Hacker.