An IP address is a unique address of a device on the internet. Since everyone has a unique IP address, therefore we can find some interesting information about the victim using the IP address off the device using.


In this post, I am going to guide you on how you can Grab someone's IP address by just sending a link. If the victim clicks the Link it's guaranteed that you will get the IP address of the victim. After getting the IP address of the victim we can trace information about that IP like the location of the IP address, which city belongs to and zip code etc.

You can even use IP stressors that will stop the incoming and outgoing traffic for that particular IP address this can be beneficial if you want to prevent something bad from a specific IP address.

Tool to Find the IP-Address of the victim:
To find the IP address by sending a link we are going to use a tool called shellfish we can use this tool to do phishing attacks I have a complete post on [How to do phishing attack using shellfish To hack anyones Social media account], but in this post, we are going to use this tool as IP Logger. This tool will create a link which we will have to send to the victim, after victim Clicks on the link we will get the IP address on the terminal. This tool uses port forwarding to achieve this task. I am not going to waste your time and give you step by step guide I have combined all commands in one big command.

Install ShellPhish To Grab IP-Address:
copy-paste this command and this tool will be installed on your system.
. This tool will download wget and Git package in termux and then shelphish tool will download from the GitHub repository and allow the executable permission to the shellphish.sh file.
apt update -y && apt upgrade -yf && apt install php wget git -y && git clone https://github.com/khansaad1275/shellphish && cd shellphish && chmod +x shellphish.sh
Please Allow permissions if asked while installing.


Run ShellPhish:

Step 1:

Use the below command to run shellPhish.sh file in termux.
bash shellphish.sh

bash shellphish.jpg

Step 2:
Just select any options it doesn't matter in this case because we only want the IP-address of the victim but the little important thing here is that the victim will be directed to a social media site so you can select the one which is compatible with your social engineering tactics.
Example: Press 1 and then press Enter :

shellphish interface.jpg

Step 3:
This is the most important part of this post:
Please turn on your hotspot.
Now select the second option Ngrok.

shellphish ngrok.jpg

Step 4:
Now you will get a link, just send this link to the Victim and wait, when the user will click on the link you will instantly see the IP Adress of the victim on the terminal.

shellphish attack.jpg

In the below screenshot you can see that where you will find the Ip address of the Victim.


Finding the IP address is a simple task but there is not a single tool that is only there to find IP using termux. A lot of times we get messages from unknown people and they waste our time asking random questions, the simplest way is to just send them the IP logger link and Get the required information without asking. I have a full post on how you can find information about any IP-address. Please Don't Miss use this information. It's a responsibility to provide you better content and it's your responsibility to use that information for good purpose only.