So I have posted an article on how you can play games in termux where I have given a list of games on how you can download them in your termux and which command you have to use to run that game. You can check out that post here[PLAY GAMES IN TERMUX]. So after that, I thought let's make a script that will contain all that is working in termux.


I have created a script called Termux-Games it contains 10 games for termux as well as the option to enable extra keys to play those games. To play games you just have to select option number and you will get instruction about quitting the game because there are different commands to quit those games. The script is on GitHub and it is completely made by me. you can check out that get-up page here.[khansaad1275/Termux-games]

How to install Termux-Games Script:
Just Copy-Paste Below Commands One by one and Termux-Lazy-Script will be installed In your Termux app.

Step 1:

This command will check the dependencies and update them to the current date.You can Skip this command if you want but sometimes while installing packages you get Errors so it is a good Practice to use this command.
apt update && apt upgrade -y
Press Enter if asks about the version.


Step 2:
I have combined all the commands in one command so it will be easy to install the script.Just Paste this command and the Script will be installed in Termux.
pkg install git -y && git clone https://github.com/khansaad1275/Termux-Games.git && cd Termux-Games && chmod +x * && bash install.sh

install Termux-Games in single command.png

How to Run Termux-Games Script:

Run Games Script:

Now you have successfully installed the game Now you just have to run the game.sh file to play the game.If restart the Termux then First you have to move in the Termux-Games folder then you can run the games.sh to play the games.


You can select an option from the given list by typing the number before the name. Just read the instructions before pressing enter and don't Quit everything by just CTRL + z or CTRL + c, I have given instruction for quitting the game before the starts.


If you want to install only selected games for termux then you can check out my this post[play-games-Termux]. I know this game is too colorful 😝 but once in a while let's come out of that green and black screen and have fun with colors. No this is script has only 10 games now but I will add a lot of games as soon as I get time. If you are interested you can suggest me the games and I will include that in my script. If you have any suggestions about the user interface of this game or anything just comment down below and I will reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and as always stay ethical Hacker.