windows hacking

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    Windows Privilege Escalation: HiveNightmare

    Introduction CVE-2021-36934 also known as SeriousSAM and HiveNightmare vulnerability was discovered by Jonas Lykkegaard in July 2021. Due to an ACL misconfiguration in Windows 10 post-build 1809 and Windows 11, non-admin users are granted read access to the holy trio of SAM, SYSTEM and SECURITY...
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    Windows Privilege Escalation: Scheduled Task/Job (T1573.005)

    An attacker may exploit the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule malicious programmes for initial or recurrent execution. For persistence purposes, an attacker may utilise Windows Task Scheduler to launch applications at system startup or on a scheduled basis. Additionally, the Windows Task...
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    Control other PC by Sending a Single Link

    Day by day cyber attacks are increasing. Attackers are using new methods to gain controls on our systems. Now attackers can attack any Windows system by just sending a link. What to do? We need to learn how they do it? Then we can safe us from cyber attacks. In today's article we are going to...
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    DKMC – Another Wonderful Malicious Payload Evasion Tool (Windows Hacking)

    Windows would be one of our common targets, since it is the most used operating system in the corporate environment. Since most of you are familiar with Windows, it would be easy to enumerate it. Our main goal is to generate a malicious payload with the help of DKMC (Don’t kill my cat) which is...