windows 10 exploitation

  1. x32x01

    Windows 10 Exploitation with an Image [Metasploit Framework]

    Metasploit is currently the most buzzing word in the field of information security and penetration testing. It has totally revolutionized the way we can perform security tests on our systems. The reason which makes Metasploit so popular is the wide range of tasks that it can perform to ease the...
  2. x32x01

    Generate 100% FUD Backdoor with TheFatRat - Windows 10 Exploitation

    As you all knows, Windows 10 is the latest edition of Microsoft having great security features but what if someone send a trojan/virus/backdoor/payload which is 100% FUD (Fully Undetectable) ? So basically, with the help of TheFatRat, you can easily develop a Trojan or backdoor and perform...