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    How To Hide WhatsApp Last Seen From Some Contacts?

    You Can Now Hide WhatsApp Last Seen From a Few Contacts Read To Learn How WhatsApp being the most popular chatting app has always been in news for its privacy updates. There are a lot of things that can be customized in the settings of WhatsApp including the last online options. Last seen...
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    A Detailed Comparison of WhatsApp, Telegram & Signal

    For anyone who doesn’t know much about the history of these encrypted chat applications, here’s a summary before going on to the comparison. WhatsApp A mobile application available for both Android and iOS in the United States, it is also available for desktop use. However, to access the web...
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    WhatsApp End-to-End Encryption and its Privacy Importance - Alternatives,Signal & Telegram

    Recently WhatsApp changed its privacy policy which carried out huge chaos in news and social media. Newspapers, articles, headlines were filled with this news and even memes and comics were made out of it. It also made some of the users especially business people to turn away from the app. Many...
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    Download 2.500 Emoji WhatsApp in One File

    Download 2.500 Emoji WhatsApp in One File To Download 2500 Emoji WhatsApp