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websites hacking

  1. x32x01

    Setup bWAPP in Kali Linux | Extremely Buggy Web Application

    We can't directly attack any web application without proper legal permission. That will consider as a crime. If we do not practice our penetration testing skills then we can't improve our skills. So we need a place where we can test our attacks and run our tools. The place is our home. Home is...
  2. x32x01

    Gobuster - Faster Directory Scanner

    Before attacking a web application or a website it is very important to scan hidden directories and files. There could be some valuable information or vulnerability. There are many tools available to do this, but not all tools are same. We have posted tutorial on traditional directory...
  3. x32x01

    WafW00f - Web Application Firewall Testing

    WafW00f is a very useful python script, which is capable of detecting the web application firewall (WAF). This tool is particularly useful when the penetration tester wants to inspect the target web application server and might get a fallback with certain vulnerability assessment techniques, for...
  4. x32x01

    DirSearch - Rapid Web Path Scanner

    We are covering dirsearch tutorial in this post. it's a simple command-line python based website directory/path scanner which can brute-force any targeted site for it's directory and files. This is very common job in pentesting and dirsearch do this job much faster then the traditional DIRB. It...
  5. x32x01

    Cadaver - Exploit HTTP PUT Vulnerability

    Cadaver is a command line WebDAV client for UNIX. It supports uploading and downloading of a file on WebDAV. Cadaver comes pre-installed with Kali Linux. We can upload web shells also on a vulnerable system using HTTP PUT method. What is HTTP PUT method? PUT method originally introduced as...
  6. x32x01

    Top 4 Vulnerable Websites to Practice your Skills

    With the help of ready made vulnerable applications, you actually get a good enhancement of your skills because it provides you an environment where you can break and hack legally allowing you to learn in a safe environment. Here we are listing the best 4 vulnerable projects/applications to...
  7. x32x01

    Hack a website with Ngrok, Msfvenom and Metasploit Framework

    In a recent survey, only 15% of business owners saw security as a challenge when more than half had reported being hacked and of that, only 6% of small businesses don’t have anyone handling their online security. More people have access to the internet than ever before. This has prompted many...