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web application scanner

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    WebScarab - Web Application Analysis Tool

    WebScarab is a tool that we can use in web security testing. It acts like a web proxy and allow user to intercept the request (HTTP and HTTPS) and web server replies. Sounds familiar? Oh Burp ? Yah, we can consider WebScarab as a alternative of BurpSuite. WebScarab is an open source tool...
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    FinalRecon - All-in-One Web Recon Toolkit

    FinalRecon is a web recon toolkit to scan websites for penetration testing. It is made by TheWhiteh4t. This Python3 toolkit is simple and fast. FinalRecon is a well maintained tool and they update and add new features regularly. The key features of this tool is following: Header Information...
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    WPScan - Find Vulnerabilities in WordPress Websites on Kali Linux

    WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System) in today's world. Tons of people making their website using WordPress, for an idea WordPress powers over 75 million sites on the web. This is huge. Almost 37.8% of the internet captured by WordPress. But in news we can see that many...
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    Install and Use Vega on Kali Linux 2020 - Web Penetration Testing

    Vega is an open source and cross platform web application penetration testing tool built in Java. Vega has a JavaScript based API which makes it even more powerful and flexible. In our today's article we are going to install and use Vega on our Kali Linux 2020.4 system without getting any error...
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    Wapiti - Automated Vulnerability Scanner

    Wapiti is an advanced automated command line vulnerability scanner. It helps penetration testers and bug bounty hunters to scan web based application to make it secure or search for loopholes. It is free and open source and has had some recent edits and updates. It comes with Kali Linux...
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    ZAP - Most Used Web Vulnerability Scanner

    OWASP ZAP is a multipurpose scanning tool that helps a lot penetration testers and bug bounty hunters for finding vulnerabilities on web app. ZAP stands for Zed Attack Proxy. It is loaded with proxy, active and passive vulnerability scanners, fuzzer, spider, HTTP request sender & many more...
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    SkipFish - Web Application Scanner

    SkipFish is an active web application security scanner developed by Google's information security engineering team, Michal Zalewski, Niels Heinen and Sebastian Roschke. SkipFish comes preinstalled with Kali Linux and it can identify various vulnerabilities inside a web application. SkipFish...