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  1. x32x01

    OnionShare - Send and Receive Files Anonymously & Securely using Tor

    A normal Internet user send files on internet through mails, messaging applications, Google Drive, DropBox, WeTransfer etc. But as security researcher we knows that these ways are not secure. Our accounts might be terminated by attackers or government and keeps en extra eye on everyone. Sending...
  2. x32x01

    NIPE - Fully Anonymize Total Kali Linux System

    Becoming anonymous is a very good way to hide ourself form all kind of surveillance. But we get only few option because VPN is really bad, specially those free one. Free VPN's keeps logs and we can be traced. We can use TOR network, not the browser only. Tor can't be traced easily it is very...
  3. x32x01

    Host Own Dark Website (.onion) on Linux

    We have learns how Tor network works and how to use it in our Tor article. As we know dark websites uses .onion for their domain extension. Here the question comes can we create our own website in Dark Web using our Kali Linux system? The answer is yes easily. No port forwarding, not buying...
  4. x32x01

    Be Secure and Anonymous in Kali Linux by Using Tor, Proxy Servers, VPN and Encrypted Email

    Now these days, nearly everything we do on internet is tracked. Whoever is doing the tracking - it may be Google tracking our online searches, website visits, and email or it may be the National Security Agency (NSA) cataloging all our every online step is being recorded, indexed, and then mined...
  5. x32x01

    Anonymity of SQLMAP with TOR Proxy - Kali Linux 2021

    Installation of TOR in Kali Linux Tor is very easy to install in Kali Linux, you just need to type the following command to install: apt-get install tor In case, if it shows some kind of error regarding “Unable to locate package” then do run “sudo apt-get update” command before installation...
  6. x32x01

    How to Fully Anonymize Your Linux System with Tor using Nipe

    Tor enables users to surf the Internet, chat and send instant messages anonymously, and is used by a wide variety of people for both Licit and Illicit purposes. Tor has, for example, been used by criminals enterprises, Hacktivism groups, and law enforcement agencies at cross purposes, sometimes...
  7. x32x01

    Install and Configure TOR in Kali Linux 2021

    Tor ( is an open source implementation of the third generation onion routing that provides free access to an anonymous proxy network. Onion routing enables online anonymity by encrypting user traffic and then transmitting it through a series of onion routers. At each router...