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  1. x32x01

    How Port Scanning Works ? Port Scanning TCP & UDP Explained

    Identifying open ports on a target system is extremely important step to defining the attack surface of a target system. Open ports correspond to the networked services that are running on a system. Programming errors or implementation flaws can make these services susceptible to security...
  2. x32x01

    From Command Execution to Meterpreter Reverse Shell with Commix

    Command injection is an attack in which the goal is execution of arbitrary commands on the host operating system via a vulnerable application. Command injection attacks are possible when an application passes unsafe user supplied data (forms, cookies, HTTP headers etc.) to a system shell. To...
  3. x32x01

    TCPDUMP: 25 Common Command Examples

    Tcpdump is a well known command line packet analyzer tool. Using tcpdump command we can capture the live TCP/IP packets and these packets can also be saved to a file (pcap). Later on these captured packets can be analyzed via tcpdump command. This command becomes very handy when it comes to...
  4. x32x01

    Hack Windows 10 Remotely over WAN with Metasploit [No Port Forwarding]

    In all of our previous Metasploit or Kali Linux post, We’re always performing attacks on LAN. Lots of users were asking us how to use Metasploit on the Internet over WAN. One way is to port forward the router. But today we’ll discuss one more method through which you can easily run Metasploit...
  5. x32x01

    How to Gain Access to an Android Over WAN

    Android phones are very easy to break into if the victim can be Social Engineered into doing so. If you use Kali, you may have done this but probably in your own network. This guide shows you how to do so but over HTTP tunneling to a phone anywhere in the world. Step 1 : Load Up Your Kali Shell...
  6. x32x01

    TCP Connection Animation