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    Blind Sql Injection with Regular Expressions Attack

    Why Blind SQL Injection? Blind SQL Injection is used when a web application is vulnerable to an SQL injection, but the results of the injection are not visible to the attacker. The page with the vulnerability may not be one that displays data but will display differently depending on the results...
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    How to Install and Use SQLmap in Termux

    Hey guys🙋🏻‍♂️, In this post you are going to learn How you can install SQLmap in termux and use it to find a vulnerability in you or your client's websites. This tool will help you to check vulnerability in the database and after finding them you can patch them to secure your sites. What is...
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    How to Setup SQLi Penetration Testing Lab on Kali Linux

    In our some previous articles we discussed about some penetration testing labs, like PentestLab , DVWA where we can practice and improve our attacking skills. In today's article we are going to discuss about how to set SQLi lab on Kali Linux to test our SQL Injection skills. Advanced SQL...
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    Top SQL Injection Tools

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    Leviathan scans - Scan Using Leaviathan | Mass Auditing Toolkit

    Leviathan scans is for project auditing scanning framework. It is a mass auditing toolkit and it has wide range service discovery, brute force, SQL injection detection and running custom exploit capabilities. Leviathan consists open source tool such mass scan, ncrack, dsss and provide us the...
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    Advanced SQL Injection In Easy Steps

    SQL Injection is a very familiar for every penetration testers. SQL Injection or SQLi is a type of an injection attack which makes possible to execute malicious SQL codes. Those codes can control a database server. Attacker can use SQL vulnerabilities to bypass the security of a web...
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    Drupal 7 Exploitation with Metasploit Framework [SQL Injection]

    Drupal 7 includes a database abstraction API to ensure that queries executed against the database are sanitized to prevent SQL injection attacks. A vulnerability in this API allows an attacker to send specially crafted requests resulting in arbitrary SQL execution. Depending on the content of...
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    Live SQL Injection Exploitation with SQLMap – A Detailed Guide

    Hello geeks, today we’ll show you some basic SQL Injection techniques with the help of Python and SQLMap. SQL injection is one of the most critical vulnerabilities till now and is still included in the OWASP Top 10 list’s Injection flaws section. Sqlmap is one of the most popular automated SQL...
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    SQLiv – Massive SQL Injection Scanner

    SQL injection is one of the most prominent vulnerabilities for web-based applications. In last post, we’ve used viSQL through which we scanned the whole server for SQL Injection vulnerabilities with the help of Crawling and Reverse IP domain check feature. Today we’ll discuss about SQLiv tool...
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    Scan SQL Injection vulnerability on whole server

    SQL injection occurs when an application processes user-provided data to create an SQL statement without first validating the input and then submits the statement to a database server for execution. When successfully exploited, SQL injection can give an attacker the means to access back-end...
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    SQL Injection Attacks and Defense Book

    SQL Injection Attacks and Defense Justin Clarke, 2009 Pages: 494, PDF