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    HTML5 Security CheatSheet - What your browser does when you look away...

    HTML5 Security CheatSheet What your browser does when you look away...
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    DNS Best Practices for Security and Performance

    The Domain Name System (DNS) makes all networked communication possible. DNS may seem like an invisible force or entity, until something goes wrong, then it’s apparent: If DNS service goes down, then nothing works. This article will outline the best practices and the most important security...
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    Top 10 Tips To Protect From Online Hacking

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    TOP web application security Risks ... !!!

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    Modlishka - Advanced Phishing | Bypass Two Factor Authentication

    We all try to secure our all online accounts and social media accounts and we turn on the Two-Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification. Then we think that we are now safe. Sometimes we check a phishing page with wrong password. But Modlishka can bypass Two-factor authentication (2FA)...
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    StegCracker - Steganography Cracker

    In the previous article we learned how we hide some secrets in media files using Steghide. In the way of penetration testing we may encounter with this type of files, in this article we are gonna cover how to recover a unknown stegnographed file. StegCracker is a tool that will help us to do...
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    Steghide - Hide Secrets in Pictures

    Steghide is a command line stenography tool. The word stenography is combination of Greek words "Steganos" that means covered or concealed, and "graphein" means writing. Here stenography means we are talking about digital stenography. Digital stenography is a process of concealing a file or...
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    Maltego - Powerful OSINT Reconnaissance Framework

    Maltego is one of the most famous OSINT frameworks for personal and organizational reconnaissance. It is a GUI tool that provides the capability of gathering information on any individuals, by extracting the information that is publicly available on the internet by diffrent methods. Maltego is...
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    IT Security Acronyms

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    SSLscan - Find SSL Vulnerability

    Usually most of web applications use SSL to communicate with the server. In that case their should be some flaws or misconfiguration to scan them we use the most popular tool sslscan. sslscan is comes pre-installed in Kali Linux. Use of sslscan is very easy open your terminal and type following...
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    Configuring The ProxyChains

    Sometimes we need to remain untraceable while performing a penetration testing activity. Proxychains helps us by allowing us to use an intermediary system whose IP can be left in the logs of the system without worry of it tracing back to us. Proxychains is a tool that allows any application to...
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    WPScan - Find Vulnerabilities in WordPress Websites on Kali Linux

    WordPress is the leading CMS (Content Management System) in today's world. Tons of people making their website using WordPress, for an idea WordPress powers over 75 million sites on the web. This is huge. Almost 37.8% of the internet captured by WordPress. But in news we can see that many...
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    Install and Use Vega on Kali Linux 2020 - Web Penetration Testing

    Vega is an open source and cross platform web application penetration testing tool built in Java. Vega has a JavaScript based API which makes it even more powerful and flexible. In our today's article we are going to install and use Vega on our Kali Linux 2020.4 system without getting any error...
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    The Cybersecurity Behind Live Casinos

    Cybersecurity plays an essential role in every sector of any financial institution. But here we are specially talking about live casinos. The live casinos are 100% legal and safe as their cybersecurity is highly protective. Due to their day to day huge transactions, they spent a large amount...
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    NIPE - Fully Anonymize Total Kali Linux System

    Becoming anonymous is a very good way to hide ourself form all kind of surveillance. But we get only few option because VPN is really bad, specially those free one. Free VPN's keeps logs and we can be traced. We can use TOR network, not the browser only. Tor can't be traced easily it is very...
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    Andriller - Forensic Investigation of Android Phone on Kali Linux

    Android holds its position as the leading mobile phone operating system in worldwide. Having an Android phone is very common nowadays. Forensic testing of an Android phone is very crucial for every digital forensics experts. In today's digital forensics article we are going to learn about...
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    Why is Data Security Significant? 6 Beneficial Ways to Boost Data Security Premises

    The internet has evolved topically and internally; therefore, it has expanded the usage of different network-enabled devices. Even, the IoT devices are making a craze in the industry. But, the fun fact is connecting everything in a single thread of communication, the internet. But, it has...
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    MobSF - Mobile Security Framework on Kali Linux

    In today's detailed article we are going to install and use MobSF aka Mobile Security Framework on Kali Linux. After that we can run digital forensics test on any mobile application (Android, iPhone & Windows) and know much more about it. This will be very beneficial for digital forensics...
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    How to Install Tor Browser on Ubuntu 20.04

    Tor Browser is a customized version of Firefox that routes the web traffic through the Tor network, making it private and anonymous. When you browse the Internet with the Tor Browser, the connection to the website you are viewing is encrypted and protected from network surveillance and traffic...
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    Netcat - Total Guide Beginner to Advance

    We usually use Netcat to get reverse shell, but from port scanning, file transfer to banner grabbing and exploit, everything is possible with netcat. In our this detailed guide we will learn why Netcat is called "Hacker's Swiss Army Knife". In our this detailed guide we will learn the uses of...