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    PowerShell for Pentester: Windows Reverse Shell

    Today, we’ll explore how to acquire a reverse shell using Powershell scripts on the Windows platform. Table of Content Powercat Invoke-PowerShellTcp (Nishang) ConPtyShell Mini-reverse PowerShell Reverse TCP Web_delivery (Metasploit) Requirements: Kali Linux Windows Machine Powercat Powercat...
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    Some Useful PowerShell Cmdlets

    The Linux operating system has long offered more power and flexibility to its administrators through shell scripting. However, Microsoft Windows lacked this flexibility, because of the limited capabilities of the command prompt. To overcome this limitation, Microsoft introduced PowerShell to...
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    Empire - PowerShell Post-Exploitation Agent

    In our today's article we are going to discuss about Empire Framework by BC Security. Now Kali Linux and BC Security made a partnership and Kali users got exclusive early access to “Empire 3” (powershell-empire) & “StarKiller”. That's what exactly Kali developers said: On our this detailed...
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    Privilege Escalation with PowerShell Empire and SETOOLKIT [Kali Linux]

    In a previous tutorial, we used PowerShell Empire v2.3.0 for post exploitation of Windows Operating System. The same can also be done with one of the most popular toolkit named as Social Engineering Toolkit (SETOOLKIT) which is already pre-installed in every Kali Linux flavor. In order to...
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    Post Exploitation with PowerShell Empire 2.3.0 [Detailed Tutorial]

    The post exploitation phase begins after you have compromised one or more systems but you’re not even close to being done yet. Post exploitation is always a critical component in any penetration test. This is where you differentiate yourself from the average, run-of-the-mill hacker and actually...
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    How to create a keylogger in PowerShell ?

    The creation of a keylogger in PowerShell during the development of a Tarlogic Red Team exercise was necessary. And given the specific condition of the scenario, the best resulting option was programming a small script in PowerShell in order to save and exfiltrate keystrokes. Please, find in...