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    Phishing Tools

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    How to Hide a Phishing Link

    Nowadays people are smart enough. They don't get trapped under phishing. Because the link does not look like the original website. For an example a phishing link may be like, but it opens pages like Gmail Login. People got the trap and a user with minimum tech knowledge...
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    LockPhish - Phishing Attack on Lock Screen

    LockPhish is the first phishing tool that can grab Windows credentials, Android PIN and iPhone Passcode using a https link. This tool is originally developed by TheLinuxChoice. Phishing attack on Lock Screen This creates a fake lock-screen on target devices whenever target puts credential it...
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    ZPhisher - Advanced Lazy Automated Phishing Script

    ZPhisher is an advanced phishing tool-kit it is an upgraded version of Shellphish. It have the main source code from Shellphish but ZPhisher have some upgrade and have removed some unnecessary codes from Shellphish. It is devloped by HTR-Tech . ZPhisher can be run from Kali Linux and also can be...
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    SocialFish V3 - Next Genaration Phishing Toolkit | Kali Linux

    Phishing is to easiest method to get anyone's social media password. We have learned many ways to do phishing in some previous tutorial like : Modlishka - Advanced Phishing | Bypass Two Factor Authentication Shellphish - Simple Phishing Toolkit | Phishing Page Creator Weeman - Phishing With...
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    Weeman - Phishing With http Server On Internet

    Weeman is a very simple http server python script. Weeman can create powerful phishing pages in localhost or same network. It work like other phishing framework, in simple words it takes username and password from users when they type username and password and the credentials grab by weeman and...
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    Modlishka - Advanced Phishing | Bypass Two Factor Authentication

    We all try to secure our all online accounts and social media accounts and we turn on the Two-Factor Authentication or Two-Step Verification. Then we think that we are now safe. Sometimes we check a phishing page with wrong password. But Modlishka can bypass Two-factor authentication (2FA)...
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    Shellphish - Simple Phishing Toolkit | Phishing Page Creator

    Shellphish is an easy and automated phishing toolkit or phishing page creator written in bash language. This tool is made by thelinuxchoice. Original GitHub repository of shellphish was deleted then we recreated this repository. Shellphish can perform phishing in WAN (Wide Area Network)...
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    Ultimate phishing tool with Ngrok [SocialFish]

    SocialFish is an open source tool through which you can easily create a phishing page of most popular websites like Facebook/Twitter/Github etc and can even be integrated with NGROK which is an another open source tunnel service which forward your localhost URL to some public DNS URL. Ngrok...
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    How hackers hack Facebook Accounts & How to prevent them?

    Facebook is, undoubtedly, the most popular social networking website with more than 500 million active users. Due to its popularity, many bad guys (black hackers) are actively involved in hacking Facebook accounts of unsuspecting users. Most people may ask why hackers hack Facebook accounts...
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    Termux command to hide a phishing link in url

    In our previous post, we discussed Maskphish best termux tool for hiding phishing link under trusted link. But now we are going to discuss how you can hide a phishing link under trusted link using termux command. Also, know that in this post we are going to talk about maskphish. Then, you have...
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    Zphisher best termux hacking tool for phishing

    Zphisher is an advanced phishing toolkit it is an upgraded version of Shellphish. It also has the main source code from Shellphish but ZPhisher is upgraded. Also, has removed some unnecessary codes from Shellphish. Also, it is a beginner’s friendly, automated phishing tool with 30+ templates...
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    Maskphish best termux tool to hide phishing link

    Maskphish is a simple bash script that helps to hide a phishing URL under a normal URL. This amazing help you to hide phishing link under URL like Nowadays people are smart enough than in past years. It seems like phishing links became common for them and not easy to get them...