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phishing attack

  1. x32x01

    Phishing Attack Prevention: Don’t Get Fooled By These Phishing Techniques

    Phishing Attackers are the most common security challenges faced by both individuals and companies from keeping their information secure or getting infected by malware. Most commonly attackers target users through phishing emails which are identified by experienced users by spelling errors...
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    PUBG Phishing Tool Termux

    Hey guys🙋‍♂️, Most of you guys who are commenting about how you can Hack PUBG Accounts with Termux, This post is for you because in this Shot Guide I am gonna show you how you can use a simple tool to make PUBG Phishing pages in under 1 minute.🔥 Make sure to follow the steps right and also read...
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    Termux Nexphisher: Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux

    On this website, I have written multiple posts about Advanced Phishing Tool For Termux. The latest one is Zphisher Tool. Since there are multiple phishing tools, every tool has different features. so today am gonna give You an Advanced Phishing tool that is the most perfect and simple phishing...
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    FotoSploit Termux : Best Phishing Tool for Termux

    In my previous posts, I have written about how you can mask any phishing URL and make your URL look more natural using the MaskPhish tool. and using the mask phish tool you can make your URL look like (basically a top-level domain). In this post, I am gonna tell you about...
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    Termux Zphisher: Advance Phishing Tool For Termux

    On this website, I have written multiple posts about Termux Phishing Tools. The latest one is ADV Phishing tool. Some of those tools do not work for some people, so in this post, I am gonna give You an Advanced Phishing tool that will help you if your regular phishing tool stops working. It is a...
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    Termux Maskphish: Mask URL in Termux

    Termux is a powerful tool and Phishing is the most common thing that people do on termux. But when we generate the Ngrok or any other Link it looks too suspicious. So In this post, I am gonna show you How you can Mask URL In Termux and make your URL Look like Google and Facebook with the help of...
  7. x32x01

    Hidden Eye Most used Phishing Tool for Termux

    phishing is one of the most used methods of hacking and to perform phishing attacks in termux they are multiple tools available and some of them are really good like AdvPhisher a great tool to hack any social media by just sending a link.In this post you will learn about the Hidden eye , This...
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    How to install ShellPhish in Termux | How to use ShellPhish in Termux

    What is ShellPhish? A phishing attack is the most common attack to get access to the victim's credentials of any website.ShellPhish is one of the phishing tools that allows you to create a phishing link using termux.ShellPhish is created by richardsonjf and it's a project on Github.If you wanna...
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    Phishing Tools

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    How to Hide a Phishing Link

    Nowadays people are smart enough. They don't get trapped under phishing. Because the link does not look like the original website. For an example a phishing link may be like, but it opens pages like Gmail Login. People got the trap and a user with minimum tech knowledge...
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    LockPhish - Phishing Attack on Lock Screen

    LockPhish is the first phishing tool that can grab Windows credentials, Android PIN and iPhone Passcode using a https link. This tool is originally developed by TheLinuxChoice. Phishing attack on Lock Screen This creates a fake lock-screen on target devices whenever target puts credential it...