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penetration testing

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    OWASP Mantra - Browser for Penetration Testers

    During the penetration testing job we use lots of tools to make things easier. What if we have a browser have some extra functionality for us ? Yes we know that Firefox is a very good option and it is open-source too, Firefox already have lot's of plugins for doing some awesome things. But in...
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    Easy Penetration Testing Lab Setup on Our Computer

    Practicing of an activity or skill is the best way to become pro in it. It is applicable on any field. This is also applicable for cybersecurity and bug bounty. But here we got a problem. We can not test our penetration testing skills anywhere, because attacking any system or website without...
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    HTTP PUT Method Exploitation - Live Penetration Testing

    In this post, we’ll be exploiting the HTTP PUT method vulnerability on one of the Metasploitable2 webserver through which you can easily upload any malicious file onto the server and can gain the access of the whole webserver in meterpreter shell. In last article, we’ve already learnt that how...
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    get into the penetration testing field

    Do you want to get into the penetration testing field?. if yes, we are going to discuss how you can stop being a script-kiddies and become a good penetration tester. If you are reading this post, you are on a good way to become an expert in penetration testing. The way has never been easy...
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    The Hacker's Underground Handbook

    The Hacker's Underground Handbook Learn What it Takes to Crack Even the Most Secure Systems David Melnichuk, 2008 Pages: 116, PDF
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    The Hacker Playbook - Practical Guide to Penetration Testing

    The Hacker Playbook - Practical Guide to Penetration Testing Peter Kim, 2014 Pages: 214, PDF