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ngrok authtoken

  1. x32x01

    Hack Android Phone Using Termux with Metasploit and Ngrok 2021

    How to Hack android phone using Termux with Metasploit. In this post, we are going to learn about how to hack android phones using termux with Metasploit. You can just copy-paste the commands one by one in the termux app and it will work perfectly. NOTE: This post is only for educational...
  2. x32x01

    How to Install & Use Ngrok on Kali Linux

    What is Ngrok ? Ngrok is a multi-platform application that provides us to forward our local development server to the internet without port forwarding. Ngrok hosts our locally hosted web server in to a subdomain of That means we can easily show our localhost in the internet without...
  3. x32x01

    How to Gain Access to an Android Over WAN

    Android phones are very easy to break into if the victim can be Social Engineered into doing so. If you use Kali, you may have done this but probably in your own network. This guide shows you how to do so but over HTTP tunneling to a phone anywhere in the world. Step 1 : Load Up Your Kali Shell...