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  1. x32x01

    15 Essential Meterpreter Commands Everyone Should Know

    A meterpreter is an advanced, stealthy, multifaceted, and dynamically extensible payload which operates by injecting reflective DLL into a target memory. Scripts and plugins can be dynamically loaded at runtime for the purpose of extending the post-exploitation activity. This includes privilege...
  2. x32x01

    HTTP PUT Method Exploitation with Put2Win (Meterpreter Shell)

    From previous post, we came across to different actions performed by HTTP methods where we had described the role of PUT method which allow client to upload a file on server with different ways i.e with Netcat, with Nmap, with BurpSuite, with Curl, with Quickput, with Cadaver and with Metasploit...
  3. x32x01

    Hack Wi-Fi Settings of Windows Machine Remotely [After Meterpreter]

    The Metasploit framework is well known in the realm of exploit development. It is a standalone tool for security researchers, penetration testers and IDS/IPS developers. As of now, it has 1700+ exploit definitions and 215 payloads for injection – a huge database. Metasploit is a great tool, and...
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    Pentesting Windows 2000/2003 Server with Metasploit Framework - Detailed Tutorial

    This is a very detailed step by step tutorial on How to pentest a Remote PC (Windows 2000/2003 server) with Metasploit Framework. We’ve used Kali Linux 2021 and Windows 2000 server in a virtual environment (VMware Workstation). The ease of pen testing is scary and readers, sysadmins are advised...
  5. x32x01

    Meterpreter Commands in Detail 2021 - Metasploit Framework

    After a successful exploit a Meterpreter shell allows you to perform many different functions along with a full remote shell. Meterpreter is great for manipulating a system once you get a remote connection, so depending on what your goals are; a Meterpreter shell is usually preferred to a...
  6. x32x01

    Meterpreter Useful Top 60 Commands List - 2021 Update

    Meterpreter is an advanced, dynamically extensible payload that uses in-memory DLL injection stagers and is extended over the network at runtime. It communicates over the stager socket and provides a comprehensive client-side Ruby API. How Meterpreter Works The target executes the initial...
  7. x32x01

    Persistent Backdoor in Android using Kali Linux with a Shell script

    Hello guys, today we’re going to show you that how you can create a persistent backdoor in android using Kali Linux after hacking with msfvenom. Previously we discussed two methods through which you can hack any android device: Hack Android using Msfvenom in LAN/WAN Hack Android using...
  8. x32x01

    Hack Windows 10 Remotely over WAN with Metasploit [No Port Forwarding]

    In all of our previous Metasploit or Kali Linux post, We’re always performing attacks on LAN. Lots of users were asking us how to use Metasploit on the Internet over WAN. One way is to port forward the router. But today we’ll discuss one more method through which you can easily run Metasploit...
  9. x32x01

    How to Gain Access to an Android Over WAN

    Android phones are very easy to break into if the victim can be Social Engineered into doing so. If you use Kali, you may have done this but probably in your own network. This guide shows you how to do so but over HTTP tunneling to a phone anywhere in the world. Step 1 : Load Up Your Kali Shell...