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    What is an SSL Certificate ?

    A website URL starts with http:// or https://. The "s" in https:// signifies users are visiting a secure website, and the connection is encrypted and protected. HTTPS combines HTTP (Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL is an encryption-based internet security...
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    The Structure of a URL

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    Top 3 Open Source SSL Testing Tools

    Security, privacy and data integrity are important properties of today’s Internet applications and protocols.The security and confidentiality of millions of Internet transactions per day depend upon the Secure Socket Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS)protocol. Over the past few years...
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    How to Enable Self-Signed Certificates for Local Apache Webserver - LINUX

    This article describe how to quickly enable SSL for local apache web server under Linux. This has been done on a Kali Linux virtual machine of version 2018.1, the one maintained and funded by Offensive Security. This procedure may not work or may differ on older or different distribution. You...
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    Testing Methods for HTTPS with OpenSSL, Curl and Nmap

    If you’re using the HTTP protocol for surfing Internet, you usually use only using two of its methods i.e. GET and POST. However HTTP has a number of other methods like OPTIONS, TRACE, CONNECT, PUT and DELETE which are very risky if all these HTTP Methods are open in your web server. According...