1. x32x01

    Cracking WPA/WPA2 With Kali Linux Using Crunch

    Today we have an amazing tutorial, Cracking WPA/WPA2 with Kali Linux using Crunch before that you have to capture handshake which will be .cap file extension. The capture file contains encrypted password in the form of hashes. Before reading this tutorial you guys might be trying to Bruteforce...
  2. x32x01

    Capture Handshake Address with Airodump-ng and Aireplay-ng

    You can easily capture the handshake address with the help of Airodump through which we’ll monitor all the wireless stations and to deauthenticate the station, we’ll use Aireplay package which both are pre-installed in Kali Linux machine. Alright, now, your computer has many network adapters...