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hacking tools

  1. x32x01

    Hacktronian Termux - Pentesing Tools That All Hacker Needs

    Hey Guys 🙋‍♂️, Are you tired of installing termux tools by git-clone? are you tired of finding tool links every time you wanna use them? good, because In this post, we are going to Install the Hacktronian-Tool in Termux that will allow you to install most of the important tools of termux by...
  2. x32x01

    Top 50 Hacking And Penetration Testing Tools [Compiled List 2021]

    From last few years, there will not be such a dividing line between security professionals and network engineers. Hacking tools are not the only thing necessary to successfully complete a PenTest, methodologies are also essential for ensuring that the assessor identifies all vulnerabilities...
  3. x32x01

    Hack Windows 10 using CHAOS Framework - 100% FUD

    CHAOS is a framework based on Linux through which you can easily generate the payloads and control remote machines like Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. In other language, you can say, CHAOS Framework is the minimal version of METASPLOIT FRAMEWORK, because it has limited functions which you can...
  4. x32x01

    Bruteforce SSH using Hydra, Ncrack and Medusa 2021

    In previous post, we got to know that how to install and configure OpenSSH Server in Kali Linux. Now today we’ll see how to crack the password of SSH remotely. Generally SSH uses RSA encryption algorithm which create an unbreakable tunnel between the client computer and to the remote computer...
  5. x32x01

    SSL KILL – Forced Man in the Middle Attack – Sniff HTTPS/HTTP

    SSL Kill is a forced man-in-the-middle transparent proxy that modifies HTTP requests and responses in order to avoid SSL and HSTS, to achieve that, it use a two-way ARP spoofing plus a forced DNS resolver that redirects all name server queries to the attacker IP Address. This tool is only for...
  6. x32x01

    Pythem – Multi-Purpose Pentest Framework 2020

    Pythem is a multi-purpose pentest framework written in Python. It has been developed to be used by security researchers and security professionals. The tool intended to be used only for acts within the law. Features Only runs on GNU/Linux OS. Based on Python Easy to install and use Supported...
  7. x32x01

    Setup Honeypot in Kali Linux with Pentbox

    Well with the help of honeypot, you can easily monitor your own OS and can track every activity of the hacker or you can say that, its the best way to hack the hacker. Every big company is already using smart honeypots in their backend like Google, Facebook and Microsoft because they don’t want...
  8. x32x01

    How to use Steghide and StegoSuite Steganography Tools in Kali Linux

    Well Steganography is one of the oldest technique used to hide data in a image, hide image into image and hide data in a video/audio etc. “You can easily hide any kind of video/audio/text/message/image into each other. For example, a sender want to transfer some secret information from one...
  9. x32x01

    Lalin - A Pentester’s Toolkit 2020

    Lalin means Lazy Linux Toolkit. With the help of Lalin script, you can install so many penetration tools with just one click. The Lalin script is the advanced version of LazyKali script and is 100% compatible with the latest version of Kali Linux. Usage of Lalin Download the bash script from...
  10. x32x01

    Install Joomscan – Joomla Vulnerability Scanner on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

    Joomscan is one of the most popular Vulnerability scanner for Joomla CMS. It has so many features like User Friendly, Open Source, Extensibility, Easy to use, Easy to update etc. It will also help web developers and security experts to help identify possible security weakness on their deployed...
  11. x32x01

    Man in the middle attack & how to prevent it

    What is Man in the middle attack A man in the middle (MITM) attack is a general term for when a perpetrator positions himself in a conversation between a user and an application, either to eavesdrop or to impersonate one of the parties, making it appear as if a normal exchange of information is...
  12. x32x01

    TheFatRat hacking tool to create undetectable backdoors

    What is TheFatRat? TheFatRat is an exploiting tool that compiles malware with a famous payload, and then the compiled malware can be executed on Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. Also, it Provides An Easy way to create Backdoors and Payload which can bypass most anti-virus. What is a...
  13. x32x01

    How to install Tool-X on termux | Ethical Hacking

    what is Tool-X? you may wonder how to install the hacking tool for termux named Tool-X don’t worry you are on the right place, by following this article step by step you will be ready to install Tool-X properly on termux. Tool-X is a Kali Linux hacking tools installer for Termux and Linux...
  14. x32x01

    Termux command to hide a phishing link in url

    In our previous post, we discussed Maskphish best termux tool for hiding phishing link under trusted link. But now we are going to discuss how you can hide a phishing link under trusted link using termux command. Also, know that in this post we are going to talk about maskphish. Then, you have...
  15. x32x01

    Top 5 Kali linux Tools . and There work !

  16. x32x01

    How to install theHarvester on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

    How to install theHarvester on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS # !/bin/sh # use to git clon to download and clone the theHarvester from Github git clone # Now enter into the theHarvester Folder cd theHarvester # Now install pip sudo apt install python3-pip # Now...