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  1. Youtube Playlist Downloader Script

    Youtube Playlist Downloader Script Requirements requests (pip install requests) pytube (pip install pytube) youtube-dl (pip install youtube-dl) #!python3 # Usage - # 1. open cmd # 2. cd to the folder where these files are present # 3. type - python # the script will start working...
  2. Download Video using Python Code

  3. Termux-YTD : Download Youtube Videos with Termux

    Hey, What's Up, Guys🙋🏻‍♂️? In this post, I am gonna Show You How you can Use Your temux as a Youtube Downloader and This Post is Gonna be Legend... wait for it..... Dary Its Gonna be legendary 🤘🏻. So after reading this post you can delete all the malicious pop-up add Throwing Youtube downloaders...