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    Burp Suite for Pentester: Repeater

    Today, in this article, we’ll focus on the Repeater and its options featured by the Burp Suite Professional Version, which will help any Pentester to send the request inside the burp and observe its Response in real-time without disturbing the request captured from the browser. Table of Content...
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    Understanding Burp Suite Intruder Attack Types

    Burp Suite is one of the most popular intercepting proxies out there and it features an Intruder option which allows us to enumerate over parameters with payloads from wordlists. This Intruder option is very powerful, extensive and could be used in a lot of various combinations to produce some...
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    [Solution] SSL Handshake Alert Error - Burp Suite

    Web Application Proxies like Burp Proxy, WebScarab or Tamper Data Addon allow a security tester to intercept the requests/responses between the client HTTP application and the web server. Proxies are the fundamental for the analysis of the web application. Portswigger Burp Suite is a suite of...
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    Burp Suite Cookbook, Sunny Wear, 2018

    Burp Suite Cookbook Sunny Wear, 2018